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Win an Educational Infant Massage DVD!

Hello Everyone!

Infant Massage Institute will be donating an educational infant massage DVD to the BEST Holidays picture of your little ones. Go on Facebook:

“like” the page and post your picture!! The winner will be announce on December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Marie-Josee Berard
Infant Massage Institute,Inc.

The Power of Children Massage

                             When Aston  was asked what he would have as a Gift, anything he wanted, he asked for a MASSAGE. His mom has been educating him about massage. At 3 years old, Aston had difficulties with his bowel movement. I was able to teach his mom about abdomen massage and reflexology techniques. Massage has helped Aston. Aston is now 5 and he is in love with massage. Mommy is empowered by the fact that she is not only helping her son feel better and healthier (without medication) but also creating bonding and stronger relationship through massages.

                             Massage for children is getting popular across the world. In Sweden, massage is taught in Kindergarten, kids learn how to massage each other. Axelsons Gymnastika Institute have conducted a study involving 150 preschool children. Among other things, this study clearly shows that with massage: level of aggression, anxiety and stress are lower; children function better in group; and psychosomatic illnesses are fewer.

                            The Benefits for children receiving massage are endless. The good thing is that children who are receiving massage love to give massage.

                           Andrea, 10 years old:”When my mom have a big day at work I massage her and she always feel relaxed and happier after.”

                          Matthew, 7 years old: “When my father is angry I give him a massage and he is not angry anymore”

                           Parents/Children’s massage helped build a strong connection. “A connected childhood is the key to happiness” says Edward Hallowell, MD,  Child Psychiatrist. Go ahead connect, bond, touch, the life of your little ones.

Marie-Josee Berard, LMT

Infant Massage Institute,Inc.

Obama strongly condems violence, how infant massage can make a difference in enhancing peace in the world?

Hello Everyone!

We see violence all around us, sometime in our own house, in the street, in the world. Did you know that we can make a difference in the world with BABY MASSAGE?

Dr James Prescott, Neuropsychologist from the National Institute of Health said that: Sensory Deprivation result to violence.

  Sensory Stimulation, touch, massages is essential for the normal development, growth of the brain. Formation years are critical, research shows that touch deprivation in those years will produce physical,chemical and biological changes in the brain that lead to VIOLENCE!

One of the best way to provide that sensory stimulation is with MASSAGE! Dr Prescott recommend massaging your baby at night.

Want to know how to give a great infant massage to your baby, step by step instructions, and bring more PEACE in the world, just go  to: and buy your baby massage DVD so you can learn to massage your baby when  is appropriate for you and your baby in the comfort of your home.

Remember sensory stimulation is like a nutriment needed for normal development growth of the brain. TOUCH your baby as much as you can!

Marie-Josee Berard

From Sport to Pregnancy Massage

Hello Everyone,

I am usually in my office giving massages to Pregnant ladies and babies. Today, I am in Tampa for the Florida Girls Soccer State Championship and I am massaging the athletes. It  bring back a lot of memories to me. After all that how I started! I was a Track and Fields athlete myself.  Sport massages was what I liked and I did massaged a lot of world athletes: Bruny Surin (Olympic Track and Fields) Alexander Gonzalez (2nd in the world Boxer) Nancy Niro (world weightlifter) National Hockey Players, Football Players…..

Then moved  and started to give pregnancy massage because I was the only one licensed to massage pregnant ladies in the area. I did not like it at all at the beginning! Why pregnant women complain all the time? I was thinking to myself until I got pregnant myself.  Well I felt so miserable, got so sick then I finally understood why pregnant women were like that. I needed  to help them. That is  when I started to really specialize in Pregnancy massage and add advance technique alleviating nausea, oxygen mask during massage reducing headaches in pregnancy and bringing more oxygen to baby, relieving sciatic problems and much more. Now I really really enjoy pregnancy  and babies massages because I support them to feel better and stay healthier and happier.

Today I am massaging my baby (she is 15 Years old!) and the entire  varsity soccer team. Every BODY are happy after their massage and I know I made a great difference in their day!

Marie-Josee Berard

Colic-y-Baby Massage Testimonial (via Infant Massage Institute’s Blog)

More and more parents are asking about infant massage for colic-y- baby! THis is a great testimonial!You can go for a training class or follow the DVD in the comfort of your home.

Colic-y-Baby Massage Testimonial Just had to send a note of THANKS! After trying for years to have a child our prayers were answered when we finally gave birth to our daughter Francesca. As a first time mother I knew that our lives would be filled with one joyful blessing after another. Fast forward six sleepless weeks and this bleary eyed mom was left feeling helpless as her angel transformed into a colicky terror. No matter what we tried from the hours of six to midnight and 1 … Read More

via Infant Massage Institute's Blog