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The Power of Children Massage

                             When Aston  was asked what he would have as a Gift, anything he wanted, he asked for a MASSAGE. His mom has been educating him about massage. At 3 years old, Aston had difficulties with his bowel movement. I was able to teach his mom about abdomen massage and reflexology techniques. Massage has helped Aston. Aston is now 5 and he is in love with massage. Mommy is empowered by the fact that she is not only helping her son feel better and healthier (without medication) but also creating bonding and stronger relationship through massages.

                             Massage for children is getting popular across the world. In Sweden, massage is taught in Kindergarten, kids learn how to massage each other. Axelsons Gymnastika Institute have conducted a study involving 150 preschool children. Among other things, this study clearly shows that with massage: level of aggression, anxiety and stress are lower; children function better in group; and psychosomatic illnesses are fewer.

                            The Benefits for children receiving massage are endless. The good thing is that children who are receiving massage love to give massage.

                           Andrea, 10 years old:”When my mom have a big day at work I massage her and she always feel relaxed and happier after.”

                          Matthew, 7 years old: “When my father is angry I give him a massage and he is not angry anymore”

                           Parents/Children’s massage helped build a strong connection. “A connected childhood is the key to happiness” says Edward Hallowell, MD,  Child Psychiatrist. Go ahead connect, bond, touch, the life of your little ones.

Marie-Josee Berard, LMT

Infant Massage Institute,Inc.