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From Sport to Pregnancy Massage

Hello Everyone,

I am usually in my office giving massages to Pregnant ladies and babies. Today, I am in Tampa for the Florida Girls Soccer State Championship and I am massaging the athletes. It  bring back a lot of memories to me. After all that how I started! I was a Track and Fields athlete myself.  Sport massages was what I liked and I did massaged a lot of world athletes: Bruny Surin (Olympic Track and Fields) Alexander Gonzalez (2nd in the world Boxer) Nancy Niro (world weightlifter) National Hockey Players, Football Players…..

Then moved  and started to give pregnancy massage because I was the only one licensed to massage pregnant ladies in the area. I did not like it at all at the beginning! Why pregnant women complain all the time? I was thinking to myself until I got pregnant myself.  Well I felt so miserable, got so sick then I finally understood why pregnant women were like that. I needed  to help them. That is  when I started to really specialize in Pregnancy massage and add advance technique alleviating nausea, oxygen mask during massage reducing headaches in pregnancy and bringing more oxygen to baby, relieving sciatic problems and much more. Now I really really enjoy pregnancy  and babies massages because I support them to feel better and stay healthier and happier.

Today I am massaging my baby (she is 15 Years old!) and the entire  varsity soccer team. Every BODY are happy after their massage and I know I made a great difference in their day!

Marie-Josee Berard



I am pregnant, should I still receive my weekly Swedish massage appointment?

Your body is changing, and it could be hazardous for you and the baby to receive a conventional, “swedish” massage.  On the other hand, it’s not only important; it’s beneficial to look for a certified pre-natal massage therapist.  

Before the session, a patient intake form should include question concerning your pregnancy.  Examples: how far along are you in your pregnancy? Do you have gestational diabetes?  Do you suffer from preeclampsia?  I also suggest that the therapist connects with your OBGYN. In my practice, before the treatment, I always contact the OBGYN (by fax) and request a permission letter to start with pre-natal massage.

Act with prudence and ask your Therapist even silly questions!  Your partner may like to massage your feet, but this is restricted for the first trimester due to  pressure  points  that could initiate contractions. How would you know without asking? During your second and third trimester a 5 minutes foot massage is fine. Keep in mind these tips:

  • Ask for doctor’s approval before proceeding.
  • Only very light pressure  must be  applied.
  • Reflexology  (under the foot) can be used to alleviate constipation.
  • Top of the foot , light effleurage  must be applied from toes  to leg.
  • At any time of  the pregnancy AVOID area around ankles, could also start contractions.

Massage therapy can be incorporated into routine prenatal care as an emotional and physical health supplement proven to improve pregnancy satisfaction, and maternal health. Once again, seek out an appropriate massage therapist, and make your appointment!  


Marie-Josee Berard

Enhancing mother-baby connection