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I had my baby 2 days ago, is it to early to have a Post-Natal Massage???

Hello Everyone!

I had my baby 2 days ago, is it to early to have a Post-Natal Massage? That is the question Jennifer asked me today!!

Of course you can have your massage! Jennifer was relieved and happy to hear my answer. I was very excited for her, it is very difficult for new moms to think about themself because everything revolves around  the new baby, Jennifer had the  idea: the importance of mother relaxation.

Something that I always tell my new  moms: “Each day remind yourself what your baby need most is a happy, rested mother”

Jennifer had swelling legs, back, neck pain, headache and was of course very tired. All symptoms that massage can alleviate. Jennifer enjoyed the massage, I performed some lymphatic  drainage on her legs for the swelling, deep tissu and myofascial release for her pain and cranio sacral for the headache. She slept a little thrue the massage (even snored) and was feeling like a million box after it.

After the massage Jennifer had a great smile on her face and was ready to go back and have fun with her newborn baby. She told me that she was going to give baby his massage!

Love it!!

Marie-Josee Berard

Infant Massage Institute,Inc.