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Colic-y-Baby Massage Testimonial

Mom massaging Francesca Just had to send a note of THANKS!

After trying for years to have a child our prayers were answered when we finally gave birth to our daughter Francesca. As a first time mother I knew that our lives would be filled with one joyful blessing after another.

Fast forward six sleepless weeks and this bleary eyed mom was left feeling helpless as her angel transformed into a colicky terror. No matter what we tried from the hours of six to midnight and 10 am to noon our daughter would be screaming and curling up in pain NONSTOP and we were just helpless! We tried it all and when the pediatrician told us sometimes it can last until the baby is  3-4 months old we just felt hopeless!

It was horrible and then my brother gave us the gift of INFANT MASSAGE.

My husband, ever the skeptic, was making jokes saying “what’s next a pedicure” but we both agreed it was worth a shot. Honestly we didn’t expect much. Boy were we wrong! Not only did Marie-Josee take the time to find out what we wanted to get out of the session but she talked to us about how massage could help with everything from better bonding with the baby to colic….. YES colic!!!! We couldn’t believe it!

Francesca ended up having her 10 am colic attack during the session and to our amazement my daughter actually quieted down as the massage went on!!

NEVER in six weeks had that happened! Both my husband and I were just in shock and we couldn’t wait to learn how to do it ourselves.  Marie-Josee patiently showed us the proper techniques and explained the “why” of each move. It has changed our life and Francesca loves her massage session with mommy and daddy! It has come part of our daily bedtime routine. As for the colic, it is like a bad distant dream because we also do the massage just before her typical “colic hours” and it really soothes her. Marie-Josee gave us back our angel and more than hope she gave us an easy-to-follow plan that has made all the difference!

Myriam DiGiovanni

Who do you know who have a colicky baby?

Marie-Josee created an Educational DVD where you can learn how to massage your colicky or happy baby! You can go online at: www.babywellnessmassage.abmp.com to purchase the DVD or make an appointment for an infant massage class.

I am pregnant, should I still receive my weekly Swedish massage appointment?

Your body is changing, and it could be hazardous for you and the baby to receive a conventional, “swedish” massage.  On the other hand, it’s not only important; it’s beneficial to look for a certified pre-natal massage therapist.  

Before the session, a patient intake form should include question concerning your pregnancy.  Examples: how far along are you in your pregnancy? Do you have gestational diabetes?  Do you suffer from preeclampsia?  I also suggest that the therapist connects with your OBGYN. In my practice, before the treatment, I always contact the OBGYN (by fax) and request a permission letter to start with pre-natal massage.

Act with prudence and ask your Therapist even silly questions!  Your partner may like to massage your feet, but this is restricted for the first trimester due to  pressure  points  that could initiate contractions. How would you know without asking? During your second and third trimester a 5 minutes foot massage is fine. Keep in mind these tips:

  • Ask for doctor’s approval before proceeding.
  • Only very light pressure  must be  applied.
  • Reflexology  (under the foot) can be used to alleviate constipation.
  • Top of the foot , light effleurage  must be applied from toes  to leg.
  • At any time of  the pregnancy AVOID area around ankles, could also start contractions.

Massage therapy can be incorporated into routine prenatal care as an emotional and physical health supplement proven to improve pregnancy satisfaction, and maternal health. Once again, seek out an appropriate massage therapist, and make your appointment!  


Marie-Josee Berard

Enhancing mother-baby connection